The Journey

by Judy Winegard

This is Judy Winegard's first spiritually filled album she interprets through the enormous contribution of songs shared with her by her extremely talented brother, Seth Glass and her musical friend and peer, Sam Glaser.
This album is dedicated to all five men in my life. First, to my husband Leibel, my life, my love, my partner, who believed in me even before he heard my voice. In loving memory of my father, my Abba, Moshe ben Esther, my number one fan, Who always had faith in me. I miss you. To my brother, Seth, who inspires me with his beautiful music, and to my two boys, my little men, Zevy and Ari who keep me singing and dancing all day long!

Special Thanks to all my family and friends, especially my Mommy, Will have always supported and believed in me.

And of course thank you Hashem for... everything.